Marine Industry Awards

Welcome to our Awards page, where we proudly display the numerous marine industry accolades we’ve earned over our 30+ years. As Fort Myers’ favorite family-owned boat dealership and trusted Suzuki Repower Center, we’re grateful for the recognition of our commitment to quality and service. These awards reflect our dedication to our customers and the boating community. Explore our achievements and see why “The Boat Place” continues to be a trusted name in the marine industry.

suzuki national top performer award
Suzuki Marine

*Sales Awards*

2022 Top Performers Club
2021 Top Performers Club
2020 Top Performers Club
2019 Top Performers Club
2018 Top Performers Club
2017 Top Performers Club
2016 Top Performers Club
2015 Top Performers Club
2014 Top Performers Club
2013 Top Performers Club
2012 Top Performers Club
2011 Top Performers Club #1 In District
2010 Top Performers Club #1 In District
2009 Top Performers Club #1 In District
2008 National Top 25 Parts & Access.
2008 National Top Performers Club
2007 National Top Performers Club
2006 National Top Performers Club
2005 Excellence In Retail Sales
2005 National Top Performers Club
2004 National Parts Volume Performer
2004 National Top Performers Club
2003 District Accessories Volume Leader

World Cat Catamarans

*Sales Awards*

2014 Dealer of The Year
2014 Sales And Service Award
2013 Dealer of The Year
2013 Sales And Service Award
2012 Dealer of The Year
2012 Sales And Service Award
2011 Sales And Service Award
2011 Partner of The Year
2011 Dealer of The Year
2011 Customer Service Award
2011 Million Dollar Roundtable
2010 Sales And Service Award
2010 Customer Service Award
2010 Dealer of The Year
2009 Dealer of The Year
2009 Customer Service Award
2009 Presidential Pacesetter Award
2009 Partner of The Year
2009 Sales And Service Award
2008 Million Dollar Roundtable
2008 Sales And Service Award
2007 Customer Service Award
2007 Partner of The Year
2007 Million Dollar Roundtable
2006 Sales And Service Award
2005 Dealer of The Year
2004 Dealer of The Year
2004 Presidential Pacesetter Award
2004 Certified World Cat Service Prof.
2003 Dealer of The Year
2003 National Sales Award
2002 Dealer of The Year

Marine Industries

*Industry Awards*

2010 MIACC Member
2009 MIACC Member
2003 Appreciation For Service Director
2002 Appreciation For Service Director
1998 Appreciation For Service Treasurer
1997 Appreciation For Service Secretary
1996 Appreciation For Service Secretary
1995 Appreciation For Service Secretary