Cape Horn Boats

Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, Cape Horn Boats are designed to provide an unparalleled boating experience. From their sleek and stylish exteriors to their luxurious and comfortable interiors, these boats are a testament to the brand’s commitment to total superiority.

2024 Cape Horn 27OS with TWIN DF200APXW5 Suzuki Outboards 180i
2024 Cape Horn 31T with TWIN DF350ATXW5 Suzuki Outboards 54F
2023 Cape Horn 32XS with TWIN DF350ATXW4 Suzuki Outboards (2) 66H
2024 Cape Horn 34XS with TWIN DF350ATXW5 Suzuki Outboards 40J
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Why choose Cape Horn Boats?

Superior Performance and Craftsmanship

Set sail into perfection with Cape Horn Boats.  When you choose a Cape Horn Boat, you’re not just investing in a vessel; you’re embracing an entire legacy of excellence! Cape Horn Boats redefine the boating experience, making them the top choice for enthusiasts who demand nothing but the absolute best.

With their robust engineering and technical prowess they continue to earn widespread acclaim. These vessels boast an unparalleled level of durability due to their advanced construction, featuring a reinforced fiberglass hull that ensures longevity and resilience in challenging marine environments. Furthermore, the integration of Suzuki outboards enhance performance even more, providing an optimal power-to-weight ratio for unmatched efficiency.

Why buy Cape Horn Boats from The Boat Place in Ft Myers?

Here at The Boat Place, we continue to deliver the best value on products we believe in, going on over 3 decades!  The Boat Place is proud to be an authorized Cape Horn dealer.  Our pure commitment to customer satisfaction and our 30 years of expertise in the boating industry make us the Cape Horn Boat destination you can trust.  Whether you are looking to step into your first Cape Horn, upgrade, or Repower your existing Cape Horn Boat, The Boat Place in Ft Myers will be with you to guide you through every step of the process.

NEW Cape Horn Boats at The Boat Place in Ft Myers

Which Cape Horn Boat is perfect for you?

Cape Horn 32XS

The Cape Horn 32XS is a remarkable boat designed for the serious angler that doesn’t compromise on comfort, making it perfect for family outings as well. One of it’s best features is its unsinkable construction, ensuring safety and durability. The large dash caters to the tech-savvy boater who wants all the options. With rod storage that goes above & beyond, this vessel is a fishing enthusiasts dream boat!  Owners love the wide front end that makes for a dry ride.  Lastly, the ability to go 100 miles offshore in most weather conditions is a hard box to tick, but the Cape Horn 32XS crushes it.

Cape Horn 27OS

The Cape Horn 27OS was created to offer a balance between the sporting capabilities of larger models and the convenience of a smaller one.  It features the same hull design as the 31ft model but in a more compact and easier to handle package.  This boat was made to fit everyone from the casual fisherman to the tournament angler.  It boasts a winning combination of fishing features and creature comforts that make it a versatile choice for anyone looking for a smaller dry ride with the same ample fishing amenities and spacious floorplans of the larger ones.

Cape Horn 31T

This is the ultimate tournament circuit boat!  From bow to stern every inch of the space is packed to the brim with features.  With a pair of Suzuki Outboards this model can cruise at blistering speeds while still managing to be efficient for it’s size.  Speaking of size it features a 60 gallon livewell, 26 gallon transom well, 7 foot long 700 quart fishbox, massive anchor locker & storage built into the gunwales.  This boat was created for hard core anglers who are serious about their fishing & want a dry ride & spacious floor plan for their conquests.

Cape Horn 34XS

The Cape Horn 34XS delivers a ride of the highest quality that can only be achieved by its length to beam ratio.  This boat was built for speed and distances at a level of performance not typically found in other twin-engine boats.  At efficient cruising speeds, this vessel can reach an extraordinary 400+ mile range!  The Cape Horn 34XS delivers you there in unsinkable safety, comfort and style with its ample seating & dry ride design.

10 Year Hull Warranty & Lifetime Transom Warranty

In case superior construction & foam-filled, bullet-proof hulls are not enough..

Make sure that your investment is safeguarded for years to come.   A warranty offers reassurance, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – enjoying the thrill of the water. Don’t settle for anything less than the best to embark on a worry-free boating adventure!  For more detailed information, visit Cape Horn Boats Site.

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