Showroom To Shore: Quality Boat Trailers

At The Boat Place, we proudly present a unique opportunity for value-savvy boaters. Dive into our exclusive selection of slightly used boat trailers, carefully employed in showcasing vessels at boat shows. Crafted by trusted brands such as Continental Trailers and Magic Tilt Trailers, our offerings guarantee both durability and reliability.

Despite their brief stint on the road, these trailers are primed and ready to accompany your water adventures. The Boat Place ensures that each trailer maintains its condition, delivering a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. Explore our inventory today to discover the perfect used boat trailer, embodying the unmatched reliability, value, and assurance synonymous with the names like Continental and Magic Tilt.

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7752 2022 18 Continental A1830-2400 Trailer
0397 2022 19 Continental A2044B-4400 Trailer
0264 2022 22 Continental A2144B Trailer
7772 2022 31 Continental CTA3115B Trailer
3669 2021 28 Magic Tilt TCA2886 Trailer
1368 2023 21 Magic Tilt TALS 2044 Trailer
3489 2024 22 Magic Tilt TALS 2252 Trailer
3490 2024 22 Magic Tilt TALS 2252 Trailer
4607 2024 22 Magic Tilt TALS 2252 Trailer
6361 22 Magictilt Tals 2252 Trailer
4608 2024 22 Magic Tilt TALS 2252 Trailer
3486 2024 24 Magic Tilt TALS 2452 Trailer
3487 2024 24 Magic Tilt TALS 2452 Trailer
6359 2024 24 Magic Tilt TALS 2452 Trailer
6360 2024 24 Magic Tilt TALS 2452 Trailer

Brands That Give You Confidence in Every Mile

Continental Trailers: A Smart Choice For Secure Towing

Explore sturdy boat trailers built to withstand saltwater exposure and varying weather conditions. Versatile and accommodating, these trailers cater to boats of various sizes, providing a reliable solution for diverse boating needs. Innovative features, like adjustable bunk systems and corrosion-resistant components, enhance functionality for effortless towing.

Simplify maintenance with trailers designed for longevity, offering more time on the water and less upkeep. Trust a respected reputation for reliability—a preferred choice for boat owners prioritizing a durable and lasting towing solution. Prioritize safety with robust braking systems, LED lighting, and secure tie-down points, ensuring worry-free transportation for both your boat and you. Opt for peace of mind—choose Continental Boat Trailers for secure towing

We carry the following Continental Trailer models: CTA3115B, A2450B, A2144B, A2244B, A2044B, A1830

Sorcery on the Road: Experience the Enchantment of Magic Tilt Towing

Magic Tilt Trailers stand out for their versatile design, accommodating a diverse range of boat sizes and types. Boasting an innovative approach, these trailers incorporate user-friendly features that simplify the loading, unloading, and maneuvering process, ensuring an easy and hassle-free experience for boat owners. Crafted with a commitment to quality construction, Magic Tilt Trailers are known for their durability, built to withstand the challenges of marine environments.

Additionally, Magic Tilt Trailers are designed with corrosion-resistant components, addressing the impact of saltwater exposure and enhancing the longevity of the trailer. Safety is paramount, with reliable braking systems integrated into the trailers, ensuring secure transportation on the road. Explore the world of Magic Tilt Trailers and discover a reliable, innovative, and versatile towing solution for your boating adventures

We carry the following Magic Tilt Trailer models: TCA2886, TALS 2244, TALS 2044, TALS 2252, TALS 2452

G.V.W.R : Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): is the maximum permissible weight of the vehicle or trailer when fully loaded for travel. This includes the unloaded vehicle weight, all fluids, cargo, optional equipment and accessories. The tow vehicle and trailer each have a GVWR.

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