DF140B Suzuki Outboard Motor

Availability & Pricing:

2023 Shaft Price
DF140BTL5 20″ *On Order
DF140BTLW5 20″ *On Order
DF140BTX5 25″ $10,400
DF140BTXZ5 25″ *On Order
DF140BTXW5 25″ $10,000
DF140BTXZW5 25″ *On Order

W = Cool White

2023 DF140B Outboard Motor

The all new Suzuki DF140B is light and compact but delivers inspired performance, giving it the best power-to-weight ratio in its class along with mechanical or digital controls. The DF140B Suzuki outboard motor provides heavy-duty performance and long-lasting durability in a revolutionary, lightweight package, with our engine cover design that features a large air induction port to provide maximum airflow and maximum muscle.

Enjoy easy maintenance thanks to our Easy Access Oil Filter that an be replaced by simply removing the top cover, an Oil Spill Catcher that we’ve added to catch oil that spills when changing the oil filter, and an Oil Level Gauge that can use a Φ15 oil changer hose.

By positioning the crankshaft in front of the drive shaft, we’ve moved the outboard’s center of gravity forward, making the outboard more compact and increasing its performance. This design also significantly reduces vibration by moving the engine’s axis of inertia—the point where engine vibrations are at a minimum—up over the upper engine mount.

Our Lean Burn intelligent fuel management system predicts fuel needs by monitoring engine performance and operating conditions to deliver a leaner fuel mixture to the engine. The result: remarkably improved fuel economy that the environment—and your wallet—will love.

Model DF140B
Body Color Pearl Nebular Black or Cool White
Recommended Transom Height L: 20″ X: 25″
Starting System Electric
Choke N/A
Engine Type DOHC 16-Valve
Fuel Delivery System MSE Fuel Injection
Number of Cylinders 4
Piston Displacement Inches (CC) 124.7 (2044)
Bore X Stroke Inches (MM) 3.40 x 3.50 (86 x 88)
Maximum Output 140 Horsepower
Operating Range (RPM) 5600-6200
Steering Remote
Oil Pan Capacity Quarts (Liter) 5.8 (5.5)
Ignition System Solid State Direct Ignition
Alternator 12V 40A
Trim Position Power Trim and Tilt
Gear Ratio 2.59:1
Standard Propeller Optional
Propeller Selection 15-26
Weight LBS L: 411 X: 419
Specifications DF140B
Starter Electric
Engine DOHC 16-Valve
Cylinders 4
Piston Disp. 124.7
Bore X Stroke 3.40 X 3.50
Max HP 140
RPM Range 5600-6200
Steering Remote
Oil Capacity 5.8Qt.
Ignition Solid State Direct
Alternator 12V 40A
Trim Power Trim & Tilt
Gear Ratio 2.59:1
Propeller 12-26
Weight (lbs) L:411   X:419