DF75A Suzuki Outboard Motor Suzuki outboard motors

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2023 Shaft Price
DF75ATL5 20″ *On Order
DF75ATLW5 20″ $7,800

W = Cool White

2023 DF75A Outboard Motor

Suzuki has once again reinvented the category again with the DF75A. Suzuki’s new generation of four-strokes, the DF75A is a showcase of advancements and achievements – like digital sequential electronic fuel injection, a powerful 2.59:1 final drive ratio, and a zero-maintenance self-adjusting time chain. All of this comes in addition to Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System, and newer models also sport the optional Suzuki Troll Mode System.

The DF75A hosts digital sequential electronic fuel injection, meaning it reads the electronic control unit monitors throttle setting, engine RPM, cylinder wall and air-intake temperature and atmospheric pressure all at once. All of these considerations cause the fuel injection to enter the combustion chamber at the most optimal opportunity. The benefits are smoother and faster acceleration, crisp throttle response and quick, reliable starting, no matter what the temperature is.

Glide into your favorite fishing honeyhole with Suzuki’s Troll Mode System. The engine’s revs can be adjusted in 50 rpm intervals by simply pressing the Troll Mode control switch from idle up to 1200 rpm, giving you control over your wake and speed.

Model DF75A
Body Color Pearl Nebular Black or Cool White
Recommended Transom Height L: 20″
Starting System Electric
Choke N/A
Engine Type DOHC 16-Valve
Fuel Delivery System MSE Fuel Injection
Number of Cylinders 4
Piston Displacement Inches (CC)  91.7 (1502)
Bore X Stroke Inches (MM) 3.00 x 3.30 (75 x 85)
Maximum Output 75 Horsepower
Operating Range (RPM) 5000-6000
Steering Remote
Oil Pan Capacity Quarts (Liter) 4.2 (4)
Ignition System Solid State Direct Ignition
Alternator 12V 27A
Trim Position Power Trim and Tilt
Gear Ratio 2.59:1
Standard Propeller Optional
Propeller Selection 13-23
Weight LBS L: 343
Specifications DF75A
Starter Electric
Engine DOHC 16-Valve
Cylinders 4
Piston Disp. 91.7
Bore X Stroke 3.00 X 3.30
Max HP 75
RPM Range 5000-6000
Steering Remote
Oil Capacity 4.2Qt.
Ignition Solid State Direct
Alternator 12V 27A
Trim Power Trim & Tilt
Gear Ratio 2.59:1
Propeller 13-23
Weight (lbs) L:343