Choose the Right Gas for Your Suzuki Outboard Motor: Why REC90 Is Required

Choosing the right type of gasoline for your Suzuki outboard motor isn’t just about filling up and setting off; it’s about ensuring the engine runs efficiently, lasts longer, and requires less maintenance. With various options at the pump, understanding the impact of your choice is crucial. This guide dives into why REC90, an ethanol-free gasoline, stands as the superior choice for your boating adventures.

Understanding Gasoline Types for Outboard Motors

Before we examine why REC90 gasoline reigns supreme for Suzuki outboard motors, let’s define some key terms and options available:

Octane Rating: A measure of fuel stability; the higher the rating, the less likely the fuel will pre-ignite and cause knocking.

Ethanol Content: Ethanol is a biofuel additive that can absorb moisture, leading to potential engine damage.

The Four Main Gasoline Types:

Regular Unleaded (87 octane): Widely available but contains ethanol, posing risks to outboard motors.

Mid-Grade Unleaded (89 octane): A middle-ground option with a higher octane rating.

Premium Unleaded (91 – 93 octane): Offers improved performance for high-compression engines.

Ethanol-Free Gasoline (REC90): Avoids ethanol-related risks, promoting engine health and longevity.

The Risks of Ethanol in Marine Engines

Ethanol, present in most gasoline types, poses several risks to marine engines. It attracts moisture, which can lead to phase separation. When water separates and settles at the bottom of the fuel tank, it can cause corrosion and damage to engine components. The National Marine Manufacturers Association notes that up to 65% of boat engine repairs are due to ethanol-related issues. Furthermore, ethanol can deteriorate rubber parts and gaskets, leading to leaks and engine failure.

Why REC90 is the Best Choice for Suzuki Outboard Motors

REC90, an ethanol-free gasoline, emerges as the best fuel choice for several compelling reasons:

Reduced Moisture Absorption: Without ethanol, REC90 significantly lowers the risk of moisture-related issues, such as corrosion and phase separation.

Longer Storage Life: REC90 degrades more slowly than ethanol-blended fuels, making it ideal for seasonal use without the need for frequent fuel system purges.

Enhanced Engine Performance: The higher octane rating of REC90 can improve engine efficiency and performance, ensuring smoother operation.

Decreased Maintenance Costs: By avoiding ethanol-related damage, REC90 users often experience fewer engine problems and lower repair costs.

Conclusion: The Hard Facts

Studies have shown that using ethanol-free gasoline like REC90 can extend engine life by up to 50% while reducing overall maintenance costs by 30%. Experts in marine engineering recommend REC90 for its ability to maintain fuel system integrity and engine performance over time.  When fueling your Suzuki outboard motor, choosing REC90 gasoline is a wise decision. Its benefits for engine performance, longevity, and reduced maintenance costs make it the superior fuel option. Equip your boat with the right fuel and enjoy smoother, more reliable outings on the water.  At The Boat Place, we think this is one of the best ways to protect and extend the life of your investment!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I can’t find REC90 near me?

In areas where REC90 isn’t available, opt for the highest octane level gasoline with the lowest ethanol content possible and consider using a fuel stabilizer designed for marine engines.

Can I switch to REC90 after using ethanol-blended gasoline?

Yes, you can switch to REC90 anytime. It’s advisable to run the tank nearly empty and replace the fuel filter when switching to remove any accumulated ethanol residue.

Is REC90 more expensive than regular gasoline?

While REC90 might be slightly more expensive, the cost is offset by the reduced maintenance and repair expenses, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

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