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Set sail on an adventure with Outboard Odyssey – The Captain’s Blog! Our mission? To be your go-to treasure trove of insights for mariners of all expertise levels, passionate about Suzuki Outboards and Fishing Boats. Here at the Boat Place, these subjects aren’t just our profession—they’re our obsession. And we’re excited to share every pearl of wisdom we’ve gathered with you. Brace yourself for a weekly bounty of content tailored for the novice to the seasoned sailor. Welcome aboard, and enjoy the voyage!

Troubleshooting Suzuki Outboards That Wont Start - A step by step guide

Easy troubleshooting steps for when your Suzuki outboard won’t start. Learn how to diagnose & fix common issues and what to do if those steps don’t solve it


Discover the best gas options for Suzuki outboard motors & learn why REC90 ethanol-free fuel is the choice for performance, longevity, & reduced maintenance


From Lean Burn Control to microplastics collection, learn all about Suzuki Marine’s comprehensive & holistic approach to sustainability and cleaner oceans

The Verdict on Suzuki DF300AP outboard odyssey

We analyzed 250+ user reviews to make a final verdict:  Find out why the Suzuki DF300AP is so popular & how it compares to other similar 300HP offerings

Outboard Odyssey Captains Blog Suzuki Showdown

Dive into the Suzuki vs Yamaha vs Mercury outboard comparison. Find out which brand dominates in performance, tech, durability, and eco-friendliness

Blog 03 Suzuki Outboard Maintenance A Guide To Extending Your Engines Life 2

Master your Suzuki outboard’s regular maintenance with our comprehensive guide, designed to keep your engine running smoothly.  Protect Your Investment!

Suzuki DF90A vs DF115B Outboard Comparison

Are you on a quest to find the perfect Suzuki outboard for your vessel? Compare the Suzuki DF90A and Suzuki DF115B models with insights from The Boat Place

Blog 01 Suzuki Repower Revolution - A comprehensive Upgrade Manual

Learn how to select the perfect Suzuki outboard to repower your boat with this guide covering horsepower, shaft length, and the best Suzuki repower prices

blog 02 Propeller Choices - 5 Key Tips To Optimize Your Suzuki Outboard

Unlock the secrets to enhancing your Suzuki outboard’s performance with our guide on choosing the right propeller -Learn about pitch, diameter, materials & more