Suzuki DF90A vs DF115B Comparison Guide

Suzuki DF90A Vs DF115B: Choosing Between Two Similar Engines

Ahoy, mateys! We see you approaching the turbulent waters of choice; deciding between the Suzuki DF90A and DF115B.  You are asking yourself the timeless question:  “Which is perfect for my pirate ship?” With a parrot on our shoulder, The Boat Place will help you navigate the specs & features of these outboards to see which mechanical beast belongs on your boat, er, we mean glorious vessel. Whether you’re raiding the high seas or just fishing for your next big fish, choosing the right outboard can make all the difference.

Comparing Two Treasures: DF90A vs. DF115B

Suzuki DF90A: The Resourceful Raider

The DF90A excels in agility and finesse, powered by a 1,502cc four-stroke engine. This outboard is perfect for pirates preferring swift attacks & speedy getaways with it’s first class fuel efficiency & Lean Burn Control System. Saving on gas means you can dodge the Royal Navy while still having enough gold left for rum!

Suzuki DF115B: The Brawny Buccaneer

In contrast, the DF115B makes a larger entrance with its 2,044cc engine & all 115 horses. (Horsepower, that is). Its Microplastics Filtering System stands as a testament to a pirate’s (albeit unexpected) concern for the seas & aspirations to become an environmental marauder.  Fiercely face any sea monster with the unforeseen combination of brute force and ..environmental consciousness!

DF90A & DF115B MSRP Compared

The DF90A is the more affordable outboard, the DF115B, though pricier, packs additional punch and eco-friendly gear for the environmentally conscious pirate.  To compare, please visit our ⇒Suzuki Repower Center for a complete Suzuki outboard motor price list.  To see our inventory, current asking price, complete specifications click here ⇒Suzuki DF90A and here ⇒Suzuki DF115B.

Suzuki DF115B & DF90A: Shared Features

  • Watergrip Propeller: A unique design that improves thrust and stability, ensuring that your ship can travel efficiently. It’s like having the wind always in your sails (but better because it doesn’t rely on the weather.)
  • Suzuki Precision Control: It offers smooth electronic throttle and shift controls for precise maneuverability. It’s like a first-mate who ensures that every command is executed perfectly and precisely, keeping your ship in harmony.
  • Advanced Four-Stroke Technology: With their silent operation, lower emissions, and fuel efficiency, they allow you to travel unseen and unheard with the element of surprise on your side. They’re a perfect blend of stealth and power.
  • Variable Valve Timing (VVT): This allows the engine to adjust its performance dynamically, delivering optimal power at different speeds. It’s like having a ship lookout with the clairvoyance to see the winds before they change.. allowing you to always sail at your best.
  • Easy Start System: Say goodbye to the frustration of traditional start ropes. With just a turn of the key, your engine is ready to go like a loyal beast awaiting your every command.

Why Repower with The Boat Place? 

At The Boat Place, we’re not just selling outboards and boats; we’re recruiting allies for life. Our crew of Suzuki-trained technicians are the finest shipmates, ready to keep your boat battle-ready, from calm waters to tempestuous storms.  With The Boat Place, you always have a sea-sturdy friend in the industry.  We feature a selection of DF90A and DF115B Suzuki Outboards for the best prices in SWFL.  Come to the Boat Place for the best service & value that leaves more coin in your treasure chest where it belongs!  Set your sails with The Boat Place!

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